by Rapheumet's Well

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released October 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Rapheumet's Well Hickory, North Carolina

Rapheumet's Well is a complex mix of classical orchestrations, cosmic synths, and brutal metal, portraying the epics of parallel worlds.


Tripp King - Vocals

Joshua Ward (Nasaru) - Drums/Clean Vocals

Ralph Barnette - Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Daniel Presnell - Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Jon Finney - Bass

Aaron Rogers - Keys/Synths

Rapheumet's Well was formed in Hickory N.C.
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Track Name: At the Mantle of the Gods
The Fall, of empires old
Unravel, the secrets of the sun
Unleash the titans, bring forth the burning flood
Thy voice be heard, Burn the tribunal

Upon the mantle, the origin of all
Sat the nexus, the river of the gods
And behold, the architect descends
Giving birth to the heavens

Fear, swallowed the light
The consternation, The shadow of Damnation
Grant me the crown to the Elysium
As I drink from the sea of creation

Enslave the kings of righteous worlds
Those who have fallen beneath the firmament
Deny those who serve the mantle of the gods

Amass, the arbiters of An
Converge upon the divine abode
The accursed drinks from the sea of Elysium

Let the tribune burn in embers
Oh deceiver, how far ye have fallen

Beyond the the limits of time
Into the void, where no life thrives

Let the tribune tear my flesh
And anoint the eternal plague

Grant me the crown to the Elysium
Track Name: Fleeing Into Darkness
Is the darkness content
To pour forth your detestation?
A rift in the sky
Heralds forth your subjugation!

Into the foyer they'll flee
The palace of God they will hide
The fleet of the fallen commence
With weapons and fear....

A horizon of embers
The darkness, he comes...
Soul enders!

Divergent, the wretchedness divides
Into the cosmic sea, the beast of perdition
Oh ye smiter, we praise thee a dirge,
As you flee into the darkness of verse!

The elders that first stood amongst the throne
The palace in which duality arose
Gateways unravel to the apex of woe
Behold, the wrath of the Gods!

Sainath, cast your spear upon the fallen!
Sainath, let them flee into darkness!

Autonomy, our souls are free!
The night will never know how we defied,
Or how we rise!
Our horizon comes.....
We rise,
From darkness we stand,
Chosen to ascend!

...The Fallen await, in darkness
The Fallen await